Lenward Mapinde

Artist's Bio

Lenward Mapinde is a Zimbabwean fine artist specializing in wildlife drawing. He occasionally does other subjects like illustrations and portrait drawings but he mainly focuses on African wildlife drawing. To capture the beauty of animals, he renders his subjects with charcoal and graphite pencils on paper. The artist creates realistic looking drawings. In a world that’s full of different art genres such as abstract art and so forth, the artist resonates more with realism art because he loves the challenge that it presents to him as an artist, being able to focus and pay attention to details is a very huge challenge he says. 

His goal as an artist is to one day use his art as a tool for wildlife conservation. He believes his art can be used as a voice for the voiceless animals. 
According to his words: “Wildlife art as a conservation tool- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.

Artist's Work